For local junior racer Felix Galle it was the best he could achieve on that day. Third best biker at his club’s home race “Rund um Spich” – in the class of the under 19 years old. “Today there were no team mates racing with me here,” says Galle who only got beaten by two racers from a Düsseldorf team.

Galle’s club “RV Blitz Spich” is looking back on a tradition of more than 100 years. More than thirty years the club is hosting its annual race “Rund um Spich.” An international event for amateur racers of all ages.

For “RV Blitz Spich” hosting the annual championships is a major event that involves a lot of planning. From setting fences along the whole course of 1.2 kilometers to getting permissions by the local authorities the races requires many action by volunteers.

Here is our video from the so called “Jedemann”- race for amateurs…