HOW TO VOLUNTEER WORLDWIDE – A German network now connects people with their favourite social project

While many, especially young people after school or while at college, are looking for doing something meaningful, the opportunities for volunteering are quite diverse. And in times of the internet: also very global.

From environmental research in Brasil to working with young people in Asia, it is more about finding the right spot, than aboubt finding any spot.

A German start up company now heads into that direction. Volunteer World brings together people and projects. And then helps in organising the trip – by raisings funds, checking visa requirements and working out travel insurances.

The three heads of the network started out with a blog for volunteering – back in 2006. Nine years later, Felix Rädel, Christian Wenzel and Pascal Christiaens launched the first independent platform for volunteers.

Our platform brings transparency to a decentralised, and at the same time growing, market,” says Pascal Christiaens. According to him, more than 700 organisations from 80 countries have joined his platform so far. So, although the network is based in Germany, the domestic market is not the main market.

Here is a video, explaining how Volunteer World works.

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