PHOTO-REPORT: POW! WOW! Street art Festival in Long Beach

Artist Dragon76 working on a mural at Long Beach “POW! WOW!” street art festival.

It is a celebration of culture, music and art. “POW! WOW!” – a native American term, now describing a gathering of artists and creatives.

Starting from a one-week festival in Hawaii, “POW! WOW!” has built a global network of artists, galleries and creative community spaces around the world now – also in Long Beach.

The transatlantic diablog was on location of the place’s streets, checking out artists and their respective works of art.

2016 artists included creatives like Dave van Patten, Gail Werner and Jim Coke.

Illustrator, comic artist and street artist Dave van Patten.
Illustrator, comic artist and street artist Dave van Patten.

Also KASHINK, one of the few female artists in the French graffiti and street art scene. Living in Paris, she gathers inspiration for her large and colorful paintings from different cultures.

“POW! WOW!” Street art festival in Long Beach covers various areas of the place. From downtown to Waterfront and Bluff Park. Here is a detailed map of all the murals and art works – you can still check out.

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