PHOTO-REPORT: “As hard as an 800-meters race” – Dance tournament for amateurs

It is comparable to a 800-meters race, says dancer Corinna Götz of Cologne club TSC Mondial. Every round of dancing, whether it is a Quickstep or a Bossa Nova, last for at least 1 minute and 30 seconds. Then the music stops, the official makes his notes for the final result.

And although dancing is quite challenging and exhausting, even older women and men can join, as Götz explains. There are people up to the age of 75 who are dancing. And even more: Some surveys say that frequent dancing can prevent Alzheimer disease or dementia, says Corinna Götz.

Apart fom that fact, dancing is also a rather expensive sport. A single dress for a woman can be worth 2,500 Euro, says Götz. Maybe a reason why there are fewer and fewer young people who start to dance professionally.