ART EXHIBITION: From Texttowers to wooden dogs – Ati von Gallwitz shows works about and made of wood

She did study in the class of Joseph Beuys. German artist Ati von Gallwitz.

At her most recent exhibition, entitled “Waldgeschichten” [“Wood Stories”], she showcases what her artistic life is about. The material wood. In various forms.

Such as the sculptural “Texttowers” with stacked letters that present a word or phrase in its entirety.

Other works include large photographs of melting snow on wood, captured in the moment of disappearing. Von Gallwitz tracks the contours of animals in it. “It is like finding animals in clouds,” she says of her photos taken at Germany’s Black Forest.

Nature has the main role when I work,” Ati von Gallwitz reveals. “In the last 40 years, I discovered many techniques to show it artistically.

It is all created by me. Even the heavy pieces,” says von Gallwitz who sometimes works with a chainsaw.

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