ALSO A SOCIAL EXPERIMENT: Percussionist Arthur Hull tours the world with open Drum Circles [w. Video]

By the time I’ll get to Munich, it will be a bit more umptah,” Arthur Hull states. The Californian percussionist and drum teacher knows how the world sounds.

In the last 25 years he has traveled the whole world. From Asia to Europe and Australia. 10 to 15 countries a year, he says. Hosting open drum circles there. Circles with no restrictions. Anyone can join. Old and young. Trained drummers and starters.

Once a starting beat is found, often presented by Hull, the whole group joins in. Sometimes up to 6000 people, as Hull says. His personal maximum at an event in Japan.

But also the smaller groups can be challenging. “It’s different every time. Even with the same people,” says Hull. The beat and the dynamics of the group depend on recent personal experiences and mood.

In New York City Arthur Hull hosts a group of business executives who drum before they go home after work. In Germany he drums with locals and refugees of a near-by refuges house. All of them join in. Add their personal beats. No words required.

There is one beat that appears in every place, says Hull. A simple drum sound that also has its place among soccer fans in stadiums. Many of the local and original rhythms got lost in the past, the percussionist says.

I want to re-birth the rhythmic culture of the countries,” Hull explains. “I take what the people are doing and I help them doing better.” His role: Being a clown and a conductor, as he states.

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