Photo-Report: Hendrix, history and no hills – a Day on German North Sea Island Fehmarn

Just 45 minutes on board of one of the frequently leaving ferrys. For the price of just 6 Euros for both ways. We are approaching German North Sea island Fehmarn from the north – starting in Danish town Rødby.

The ferry link is one of the main routes between Denmark and Germany for tourists and for railway, as special shortened trains can get on board, too.

45 minutes, duty free shopping, some food and a coffee later, passengers leave the ferry on German ground. It is a place called Puttgarden, located on the small island of Fehmarn.

Fehmarn, since 2003 all villages on he island are one town, is only 185 squarekilometers large – with its highest point, the “Hinrichsberg,” only 27 meters above sea level. But its coastline of 78 kilometers qualifies the island as one of the main tourist destinations of the area. Fehmarn also serves as resting places for migratory birds.

Locals fear that both will change when a large project will start. The construction of the Fehmarn Belt Fixed Link, a 963-metre bridge, planned for completion in 2020. Blue wooden crosses found on various places on the island serve as signs of protest.

Local protest against a new bridge to be built from Fehmarn to Denmark.
Local protest against a new bridge to be built from Fehmarn to Denmark.

The blue crosses are also found in the largest village of the island. Burg auf Fehmarn, with 6,000 inhabitants, also is the main destination for shopping, dining and for spare time activities.

Since 1963, Fehmarn is connected to the German mainland by a road and rail bridge crossing the Fehmarn Sound. It is 1,000 meters long, 69 meters high, a local monument and under monument protection. In 1970, seven years after the bridge was opened, US musician Jimi Hendrix crossed the bridge heading to his final concert ever.

Flügge Beach in the southwest of the island was location of the open air “Love & Peace Festival.” Today a memorial stone marks the occasion. Since 1995, on the festivals anniversary in September, the Jimi-Hendrix-Revival-Festival is celebrated.

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