PHOTO-REPORT: The Michel – Hamburg’s Main Church Sankt Michaelis (… and the town from above)

The view from the Michel in southwestern direction – on the left hand, Hamburg’s new philharmonic hall.

It is the city’s most famous church. And an icon. Sankt Michaelis in Hamburg. Also known as “Michel.”

Inside the church white walls, golden ornaments and wood dominate. Outside Sankt Michaelis is mostly known for its tower. 132 meters tall and located only a few minutes from the river Elbe.

Once a platform on top is entered, after sprialling upwards via seemingly endless staircases, a 360 degrees view on Hamburg rewards. The famous street Reeperbahn and the district of St.Pauli in the north, the new philharmonic hall in the southwest.

A few steps down, another platform, serves as an event location. The one below hosts the famous bells of Sankt Michaelis.

Today’s version of the Michel is the third in the last 400 years. The first incarnation, finished in 1750, was destroyed by lightning and a fire afterwards. The second version, rebuilt until 1906 was, once again, destroyed by fire after soldering in the roof section.

On October 19, 1912, Sankt Michaelis was re-opened for the third time – and since then under constant refurbishment.

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