MEETING JOE MILLER: The 2010 and 2016 World Long Drive Champion in Golf

It’s what we do during the week,” says Joe Miller, meaning one of those events showcasing his skills. Those of the 2010 and 2016 World Long Drive Champion in Golfing.

His personal best: The distance of around 475 meters. Long enough to be the world’s best player in this discipline. With the ball being off the ground for more than 8 seconds. The period golfers call “hangtime.” And long enough that viewers might lose track of the ball after it got hit.

Being asked when he discovered his special skills, Miller half seriously answers: “In 2010.”

Obviously there is a lot more. Special diets and nutrition, as well as up to four hours of daily training. “I spend most of the time on the golfing range or the gym,” says Joe Miller.

Recenty taking two months off in his home country Great Britain, it took a lot to get back to condition, he reveals.

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