HASHTAG #WILLYFLECKHAUS: Spotting the German designer’s work on Instagram

A 2016 exhibition of his work at Museum of Applied Art Cologne is subtitled “Design, Revolt, Rainbow.” With the latter coming from one of Willy Fleckhaus’ most famous pieces – although not many might know it is created by him.

A series of book covers for German publishing company Suhrkamp. Every book has its own color. Placed on a shelf they all create a rainbow. A piece of work that is still timeless and unique.

Born in 1925, Fleckhaus, a designer and journalist, is mostly known as the creative head behind magazines such as “twen” and “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung Magazin.”

All that with a personal note. Large and cut out portraits, blank white space beneath text, large photos on two pages that make the reader want to turn the page.

Willy Fleckhaus: “A magazine is more than something three dimensional. […] It’s more. It’s an experience. We should understand that when we work on typography.

Spot an array of his work below on instagram – conducted via the hashtag #WillyFleckhaus.

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Willy Fleckhaus – Design, Revolt, Rainbow / till December 11, 2016 at www.makk.de in Cologne.⠀ ⠀ There was a reason why Willy Fleckhaus (1925-1983) was nicknamed 'Germany’s most ex-pensive pencil'. Like no-one else, he defined the visual culture of the 1960s, 70s and 80s. Willy Fleckhaus amalgamated the rationale of Swiss graphic design with American editorial design, thus becoming an international role model for at least one generation of magazine and book designers, advertisers and photographers. ⠀ ⠀ #WillyFleckhaus #makk #exhibition #slanted #slantedmagazine #slantedblog #typography #typo #typographie #typedesign #branddesign #design #FineArt #graphicdesign #weloveprint #designoftheday #diseñografico #graphic #fonts #illustration #layout #brandidentity #designculture #portfolio #logotype #printedmatters #publishing #creative 
Available magazine issues: Cuba, Switzerland, Istanbul, Paris, NewYork, Marrakech, Portugal and Warsaw at: www.slanted.de/shop

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