HOLISTIC FASHION: Fashion label “Shipsheip” Co-Founders Daniela Wawrzyniak and Joana Ganser about the idea behind it

Daniela Wawrzyniak, Co-founder of fashion label "Shipsheip."
Daniela Wawrzyniak, Co-founder of fashion label “Shipsheip.”

It is all fair trade and organic,” says Daniela Wawrzyniak of fashion label “Shipsheip”. Together with designer Joana Ganser she has founded and created a fashion label with holistic commitment.

We went to India earlier this year to travel from station to station of the whole value chain,” Wawrzyniak says.

A value chain with a long, but trackable and trasparent, way from organic cotton, planted in Orissa, to the finished product refined in Germany. Spinning, knitting and colouring takes place in Indian town Tamil Nadu.

Apart from not utilizing pesticides, holistic fashion, for Ganser and Wawrzyniak, also means to be aware of ressources and the people involved.

Joana Ganser: “For us fair trade means to be in direct conversation with people in India.

While, in the beginning, most of “Shipsheip”‘s business was made online, now both entrepreneurs have opened a concept store – started in January 2016 by a crowdfunding campaign.

We want to shop alternatives to our daily routine of shopping,” both state.

Ties and bow ties presented by "Shipsheip."
Ties and bow ties presented by “Shipsheip.”

Presenting fashion products for men and women. Based in Cologne, Germany, Wawrzyniak and Ganser focus on local labels, as well as self-designed items. Created by Joana Ganser herself.

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