THE RICK & STANLEY SHOW: Watch all episodes of Mike Lars White’s series of shorts about multi-generational North Hollywood lowlifes

He has sense of humor. After putting out “Steve’s Problem“, a short film about peeing in public, US-director and writer Mike Lars White now has created a multi episodes series – focusing on Rick and Stanley and the multi-generational North Hollywood people around them.

The show features two over-70 actors and a former Miss Black America,” says White, a former writer of TV commercials.

All episodes of “The Rick & Stanley Show” are now up on Youtube. Such as episode “President Names” in which the unusual pair discusses the trend of naming children after presidents – Like Reagan.

Is it just me, or does everyone have to name their kinds like a president’s name?” is the question that opens the 1 minute and 6 seconds episode starring Ben Whalen and Harwood Gordon.

Up to this date Mike Lars White and his team has put out nine episodes of “The Rick & Stanley Show.” Watch them all here.