DEVIL’S MOUNTAIN BERLIN: A former US Listening Station now a place for art – video and photo-report!

It’s a mystic place. Berlin Devil’s Mountain. Piled up with World War II rubble. An artificial hill just outside of German capital Berlin. And once, in the times of the Cold War, a seemingly perfect place for a listening station.

And so the United States installed one of those there. Looking out, and listening, to what the German Democratic Republic and the Soviets were doing around West-Berlin.

Today Devil’s Mountain is a place for art, especially street art. Tour guides lead people through the deteriorated place. And telling them things like: “The biggest danger back then, for us,  weren’t the Soviets, but the boars,” as one of the guides, a former US-agent, says.

Here is our foto-report.

In a video also the New York Times reports about “den Teufelsberg” – as it is called in Germany. Berlin newspaper “Tagesspiegel” writes: “Obviously, the New Yorkers did not come here because of the graffitis – but for the historic arc.

Devil’s Mountain is also featured in a new movie about Cold War Berlin. Check out a computer animated and rebuilt version of the listening station in the trailer to “The Same Sky.”