FROM FRANCE TO MARTINIQUE: German Solo Sailor Lina Rixgens about the “Mini Transat”

There’s always a risk,” says German solo sailor Lina Rixgens. “But I’m studying medicine and my on board pharmacy is quite well prepared.

Nevertheless Rixgens project is quite special. Being one of 84 sailors, among them only ten women, heading out from La Rochelle in France to Gran Canaria and then across the Atlantic to Martinique – taking part in the famous “Mini Transat.”

A regatta for boats up to the lenght of six and a half meters. And a regatta with almost no radio contact, sleep in periods of up to only 20 minutes.

“There’s a lot more than just sailing,” Rixgens says. Physical fitness, total loneliness, navigating and checking weather conditions included. “But that’s the challenge.”

When starting from La Rochelle, north of French town Bordeaux, on October 1st, 2017, Lina Rixgens has already managed to passe 2,000 miles of qualifyings, as well as various pre-races.

“I’m sailing since I’m seven years old” – Lina Rixgens.

But the “Mini Transat” is another story. All in all it may take up to four weeks. And although five boats accompany the starters, Rixgens will not know about her final position after she crosses the finish line.

I always know where I am, but I don’t know where my competitors are,” says the sailor.

Arriving in Martinique she will for sure have one record. The one of being the first German woman to make the “Mini Transat.”