HIGH-TECH MEDICINE: Visiting one of Germany’s leading cardiac centers in Cologne

It requires some knowledge and instict,” says Christian Hoppe, assistant medical director at Cologne’s cardiac center – Speaking of working with one of the catheters in one of the three rooms for diagnosis.

A place for people with cardiac diseases. And a place of high technology. “We work with less radiation here,” the doctor says. A third of the normal dose of roentgen radiation.

With the special catheters the team around eight assistant medical directors and principal consultant Marc Horlitz can treat narrowings in the blood vessels around the heart – including blood pressure reading before and after the block and spreading dangerous parts.

Another field is the insertion of heart pacemakers and little defibrillators.

Very important for people with a special form of cardiac arrhythmia. Between two and three million Germans suffer from atrial fibrillation. Pacemakers help to keep the heart in motion.

In Cologne resident doctors and the cardiac center cooperate and work together to asure medical care – treating patients ambulant as well as in-patient.