WILDLIFE IN THE CITY: Photographer Sven Meurs highlights wild animals in an urban surrounding

A fox suddenly appearing near a motorway. A titmouse living in a traffic light post. It is the contrast of nature and city that photographer Sven Meurs highlights in his work. “In the beginning I was frustrated when a sign or car appeared in the background of my photos,” says Meurs. Later he realized that it made his work special.

Sven Meurs’ latest book about animals in the city of Cologne.

With a day time job as a medical orderly, Meurs started to photograph at the age of 15. While living on German island Amrum for one and a half year, he discovered his passion for photographing nature and animals.

A passion that requires some patience, since animals are very unreliable as photo subjects. Such as the kingfisher. For Sven Meurs it was a question of time to find him in an urban surrounding.

You don’t have to travel to the Okavango Delta to find wild animals,” Meurs says. After writing and taking photos for his first book about wild animals in Cologne, he now plans to go to London to photograph deer in the city. Next stops afterwards: New York City and Peking – always with a camera.