MICHELLE OBAMA AS THE NEXT PRESIDENT? – Ines Pohl, editor in chief of Deutsche Welle, about Trump, media and the United States

It is Germany’s international broadcaster. Deutsche Welle (DW) not only reports from Germany and around the world, but also provides access to the German language. Starting March 2017, Ines Pohl is the new editor in chief. Prior to that she was working as the Washington D.C. correspondent of the broadcaster. Reporting live from the inauguration of the United States’ recent president Donald Trump.

It felt like the country was in a state of shock in that moment,” Ines Pohl recently said to students during a talk at a Cologne school. In the meantime opposition has formed, she says.

Ines Pohl and German politician Martin Dörmann discussing politics and media with students of a Cologne school.

Looking from the perpective of a journalist she felt like media was not always reporting properly. “Not in Germany and not in the United States,” Pohl states. Sometimes reports were onesided and unbalanced. “It was all about Trump. But we could have also looked at the things that were not right in Germany or anywhere else.”

We as journalists are well-advised to go out and talk to the people. Not about them,” Ines Pohl says. “Asking them: What is your fear? What are you concerned about?” Many people in the United States that felt overlooked by the authorities had voted for Trump, too, Pohl says.

Speaking to a farmer on the Texas and Arizona border, Pohl found out, that he did vote for Trump because of his plans to built a wall to Mexico. But not because of the immigrants who like to work in the United States. “Drug dealers cross the border there every night. Leaving garbage there and walking on the farmer’s property,” Pohl says. “That is why he wants a wall“.

FROM DW.COM: Ines Pohl reporting “At home in Trump’s America” [w. video]

Trump did provoke fears. He presented himself as the only one having a solution for problems,” Pohl states. Something he has not proved to this date. “He is not ashamed to break taboos.

Did she expect him winning? “We all were sure the presidential race between him and Hillary Clinton would be boring and predictable,” Ines Pohl remembers. “Not many people even knew Trump before. Maybe only some knew him as the runner of a TV-show.

“Will Michelle Obama start for the presidential race in two years?,” a student asks. “No. I would bet on that,” Ines Pohl says. “She was not treated well all the time in the early stages of her husband’s term. She did not forget about that…

diablog-Video: Street survey Cologne before the US election!

(reported by Lars Göllnitz)