A WALK OF 2 575 KILOMETERS THROUGH EUROPE: Svenja Trenkel and Witali Bytschkow spent 4 and a half months to walk from Trondheim to Porto

“Norway is very fruity,” says Cologne based Svenja Trenkel “We’ve found many raspberries there”. She and her partner Witali Bytschkow must know. Both were walking through the country – eating what they have found along the way, oftentimes sleeping in a tent.

The project in numbers: 2 575 kilometers, 4 and a half month spent, 102 days of walking, around 26 kilometers per day. Starting in Trondheim, Norway and finishing at Torre de Clérigos cathedral in Porto, Portugal.

“I just asked myself, is it possible to to that?,” Trenkel explains. “How does my body react?” The couple was inspired by pilgrim’s path “Jakbosweg” – an ancient path right through Europe. “It was a special experience to get out of everyday life, reduced to just a backpack,” Svenja Trenkel says.

Equipped with a GPS both took the “Jakobsweg” as a loose orientation – “When we had the choice between walking on it or walking along the Atlantic, we took the latter,” says 30 years old Trenkel. “With the time you also start to think about what you really need on the way.” Sending one of her three t-shirts back home, her backpack even got lighter while walking.

Most of the times it was a tent – But the couple also stayed in hostels along the “Jakobsweg”.

Losing weight, also physical (but compensated by muscles), Trenkel and Bytschkow at the same time collected experiences and met people. Crossing the Pyrenees at the border of France and Spain the couple even helped out an australian wanderer with a chocolate bar. Trenkel also was in Barcelona on October 1st, 2017 – the day of the Catalonia independent election.

Cooking with a prepared tin can, used as a gas cooker.

“Every morning we fixed ourselves a goal for the day. But whenever there was a nice place to stay, we stayed there,” Svenja Trenkel says. “It’s a great feeling of freedom.” Both now chose to tell other people about their journey, inviting them to evenings of talk and visuals. Here are the dates.

(Reported by Lars Göllnitz)