ART EXHIBITION: Japanese influences, blurred photographs and the color red

They almost look like sushi and icecubes. Little cubes and objects made of film and paper – and folded by artist Yoko Suzuki-Kämmerer. She, together with Heike Kehres-Woost, Sylvia Ruppert and Dietmar Paetzold, is one of four artists presenting their diverse works at a Cologne art space.

Dietmar Paetzold, Heike Kehres-Woost, Sylvia Ruppert and, Yoko Suzuki-Kämmerer from left to right.

“For me it is about lines,” explains Yoko Suzuki-Kämmerer who utilizes Japanese techniques of folding paper and foil. A process that takes time – but Suzuki-Kämmerer has invented a kind of routine for it, as she says.

One of Yoko Suzuki-Kämmerer’s drawings on paper.

Dietmar Paetzold’s photos are less sharp in its contours. “I wanted to create photos you won’t find at every corner,” the Cologne artist states. “For me it is about finding a unique form – and about perception and reality.”

Paetzold also presents statuary at the exhibition named “IV”. Such as his fish in a box and shoes in shining colours with wool fringes.