“Le Carnet Bleu / Das Blaue Heft”: German and French student project about the future of urban living

“We wanted to ban cars from the city – or at least almost.” It’s the city of the future, urban living in the coming decades, German and French students from Lille and Cologne map out.

The project, started in 2013 by Goethe Institut, annually finishes off with a book both project groups produce – it’s called “Le Carnet Bleu / Das Blaue Heft” [The Blue Book].

One of the city models showcasing a future of urban living – worked out by French and German students.

The are similarities between Cologne and Lille in the North of France, says teacher Xavier Beirnaert. Such as redeveloping former industry areas to something new. The students’ ideas had a few things in common: nature, sustainability, urban living and social community – while the city models are worked out at Cologne University of Applied Sciences.

Cologne mayor Andreas Wolters speaking at the final event of the one year project.

One year the students work on their common project, with a final project week including visiting each other’s cities. “We are dependent on each other to solve European problems,” says Cologne mayor Andreas Wolters.” The project is true co-residence. Keep participate actively.”