Abstract, colorful and pragmatic – Art Exhibition by Nadja Nafe and Maike Eilers

“Green is only some yellow and some blue,” the catalogue to her work quotes artist Nadja Nafe and shows her pragmatic approach to art. Something the Düsseldorf artist shares with Maike Eilers. She has studied in Enschede, Netherlands, and liked the free and open way of working there.

Both now present their first ever common exhibition. A very special one. Not only that both never showcased their work together before, they did not even know each other before.

A fact that the exhibition, entitled “Gute Frage…!” [“Good Question…!”], does not reveal. “It’s interesting to find out where we have points of contact,” says Nafe.

One is their abstract way of paiting, another one is that both like nature as a subject. “Abstraction is not my main motif,” Nafe reveals. It was a consequence of her way of working: taking photos, shrinking or expanding subjects and then painting them.

Maike Eilers also works with this approach of photographing first. “You have a plan beforehand, but then you reject it eventually,” she says.