Colorful Scenes and Sights: Exhibition by Seychelle Artist Nigel Leonard Henri and Cologne painter Dagmar Schmidt

He has designed a special bottle for Seychelles-rum, painted an aeroplane and worked on a TV-show for children. Artist Nigel Leonard Henri. Now the artist from the archipelago of 115 islands, located in the indian ocean, 1,500 kilometres east of mainland East Africa, presents an exhibition in Cologne – together with local artist Dagmar Schmidt. Both met while painting a huge plastic bear as part of the “Buddy Bear”-project in German capital Berlin.

Their common exhibition highlights scenes and, especially, colors of the Seychelles. Schmidt has travelled there a few times. Like many German tourists every year. Henri’s brother, a Seychelles executive, invited even more tourists to visit the african country, while speaking at the opening of the exhibition. “Save some money and come to visit us”, he says.

Nigel Leonard Henri’s father in law is a well-known musician of the Seychelles. He performed a few songs at the exhibition in Cologne.