The myth of Sebastião – A book about an ancient king and the history of Portugal by author Georg Franzky Cabral

Portugal in 1578. King Sebastião went off for a crusade in Africa – and never came back. Two years later, Spain took over the country. And while the king’s dead body was never found, the country waited for him to return. Sebastião became a myth and a symbol for hope – of freedom and a better life.

Author Georg Franzky Cabral uses the character of Sebastião to look back on the history of the southern European country. A book of stories about the history, as he says. A now less naive and smarter king looks back and comments on history. In a book named after him. “Without knowing the past you will not understand the present age,” says Cabral.

Born in lower saxony and later moving to Berlin, the author now lives in Portugal for more than 20 years. “I always wanted to live abroad,” he says. After meeting his wife, originally from the Azores, he moved to the Algarve.

“I could talk and write a little – so I started to work as a cultural mediator,” Georg Franzky Cabral explains. The starting point for his book. A book that made him learn even more about the history of the country.

In the last two years around 15 million people came to visit Portugal – a country with a population of 10 million people. “It’s en vogue right now,” Cabral says. “But It’s still a developing country.”