Drive-Through Exhibition: Two Galleries and Cologne/Bonn Airport present Art at an empty Car Park

The location is unusual. Two Galleries from Düsseldorf (Part2Gallery) and Münster brought their artists to a rather special place. An empty car park at Cologne/Bonn Airport. While the airport is working at low speed in times of Covid-19, the idea to present art there, was very welcome.

The idea: People can look at the artwork from out of their car – via a circular course at the lowest deck of the car park. All that for 4,50 Euro and combined with a light-show and a live DJ-Set by Strandpiraten.

Thomas Hoffmann (l.) and Dieter Nusbaum (2.f.r.) from Overhead Gallery and Part2Gallery had the idea for the exhibition.

“We want to bring down art from the pedestal,” says Dieter Nusbaum from Overhead Gallery Münster. And they literally do that, with art pieces presented on airport trolleys. “London, Paris, Singapore und now a car park,” Nusbaum says.

German artists KÄPTEN NOBBI, whose real name is Paul Sous, brought some of his unique pieces of wood, words and painting to the show. “Each piece of wood I use does have its own unique history, every picture and sculpture made from it is one of a kind. The shape and colouring of my finds are the jumping-off point for my work”, he explains.

Many artists fell in a sort of limbo with most galleries and art places closing doors in times of Corona, the event organizers say. The exhibition at Cologne Airport brought art fans and artist back together. Around 2,000 cars drove through the circuit in the first eights hours.

And a rerun is not ruled out. They are always watching out for special locations, the organizers say. “The airport was very supporting. It only took us three weeks from the first call to the opening,” Dieter Nusbaum and Thomas Hoffmann from Overhead Gallery say.