Lars Goellnitz of oct about the new set of songs direct message by oct, about finding his own voice and about creative ideas

“I’m not in the position to release albums”

The song itself had its premiere on oct Radio, one of oct’s latest projects and ideas. It’s not a radio station in its classic dimensions. It’s a stream of songs and words, curated and hosted by Lars Goellnitz of oct – available on YouTube, Spotify and Twitter. And not just with songs by oct. “New artists can present their tracks. And the established ones are there, too,” Lars Goellnitz says. oct’s all new Magic Happens On A Friday (Hooray) first appeared at the end of a short broadcasting special about the making of the new set of songs direct message by oct – where Lars speaks about ideas and inspirations behind songs and plays early versions and abandonded pieces.

“I’m not in the position to release albums. Even established artists and musicians don’t do that first of all,” Lars Goellnitz says. He’s the recording artist behind oct. “It’s all about the songs right now. But I love to give songs a frame. Just because they have a common feeling and musical spirit.” And he also loves to bring creative ideas to life to give songs a life: Not just in a classic way of releasing music, Goellnitz says, with oct not only being active on the obvious plattforms like YouTube or Instagram, but also on Pinterest and WordPress.

Musically there are the 2016 set of songs NOTES and FURTHER NOTES, 2018’s LAYERS, f-words from 2019 (which is, most of all, about all the good f-words, as Goellnitz states.) and The 60s Tapes that came together with a short story, written and narrated by Lars Goellnitz. As well as single tracks and a collaborative projekt with French singer Katrin Kaspar.

oct’s latest set is called direct message. “Because its nature is like that,” Goellnitz reveals. “It’s direct, with short songs, a blend of ideas and stories.” And also the visual side of the set reflects that mood: Three hearts and a check mark are graphic elements that appear on the releases – almost like emojis. “And on my chest,” Goellnitz says, hinting at one of the videos for the new song Magic Happens On A Friday (Hooray), where he stands on a roof under heavy clouds and fireworks, performing the song with a heart pinned to his jacket.

“It’s all about the mood and feeling of things. The song is such a joyful burst of emotions that I wanted to give it a little contrast in the video.”

Goellnitz wrote the song in just a few minutes, he says. “I had the title in my head for quite some time. And then, suddenly, the music popped out.” Just before he was leaving the house to go perform a private set at a funeral. “Life is so much about contrasts. About moments,” he says.

“Recording Magic was a rush. Uplifting. It all came together very fast and like everything fell into place. The melody, the words, the backing vocals,” Lars Goellnitz remembers. “So I added Hooray to the title. A word that is almost out of fashion, right?” oct’s songs are not: They blend modern elements with hand-played instruments. All of them played and performed by Goellnitz, who also writes and produces. The lyrics are emotional, also touch heavy topics, and are light and humorous at the same time.

“Back in 2016 with NOTES I had the feeling that I found my voice. In a musical sense. Today, it’s also very much about production. And I think I have found a sound that is quite unique but also enjoyable for a few people. Or a few more,” Goellnitz says with a smile. Probably knowing that his voice and melodies might appeal to more than just a few listeners, and to more who might not know oct by that time.

Magic Happens On A Friday (Hooray), the first song off the set of songs direct message by oct, is already released. The transatlantic diablog presents its video premiere. More songs will follow, like the electronic folk of The Best Version Of Yourself, the charming Cherry Shirt, and the danceable Parrot, Paris, Rabbit. Follow oct on Instagram or visit the website.


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