Ant Trail of People: How German Pupils collect Donations for People of the Ukraine

The distance from the shops to the two Cologne schools is about 1.6 kilometers. It is the distance that pupils and teachers line up to to transport convenience goods. Goods that they have bought with donations they collected in the weeks before.

For the transport to the suffering people in the Ukraine Menschenfreude e.V., a German benevolent society, provides various vans and other vehicles.

Its founder Jรผrgen Perteck is very pleased by the commitment of the pupils – ranging from ten to nineteen years of age: “They are the next generation.”

“It is very important for us all to do something,” says senior Jasmin. “We stand up to help.”

In the days before the actual event, the school community had already collected more thant 17,000 Euros. The day after the special ant trail the vans and vehicles are on the way to the Ukraine.