Art in a former Carwash: Exhibition by Photo Artist Sebastian Trägner

For owner Negerito Schöngeist it is a question of new ideas. His gas station always needs to be activated in new ways, he says. “I once had the first station with a professional coffee brewer.” Now it is an art offspace.

A place for art, other than a gallery or museum. And a place the city of Cologne has not enough of, as Elfi Scho-Antwerpes of the city’s committee for art and culture says.

To start the newly designed space, Cologne photo artist Sebastian Trägner, aka Traegi, has brought his latest exhibition “True Colors” – a show of large photographs, of landscapes and figural impressions.

Trägner recently was one of a few photographers worldwide who could work with the new Leica M11-model. The project brought him to Iceland, where he captured the island’s nature. Such as breaking waves on a shore in black and white.

Every photo tells a story, also the nudes which also look like landscapes, says Dr. Ulrich Soénius, laudator of the exhibitions’s opening event.

Gérard Margaritis of the co-hosting 30works-Gallery, commends Negerito Schöngeist’s idea. “Offspaces are not competitors to galleries,” he states.