The transatlantic diablog award 2010 – Shortlist profile: Older Eyes

Name: Older Eyes

Place: West of the Atlantic

Author/Blogrunner: Bud

Idea: Reflections from an Older Perspective


How old is the general blog-writer or reader? Somewhere between 18 and 30? Maybe the general ones, but not Bud. As he says, he has another perspective on things. Mostly personal things. But often with a larger background. Bud brings topics to the blogsphere that often don’t get mentioned. Senior discounts, grandchildren,… Very informative, funny and at the same time critical. Bud shares his life with us. He replies on almost every comment. So you see, it’s not about being popular – well it’s not that bad to have 15000 clicks a day, Bud – it’s about being personal and outspoken. Bud’s blogs shows what makes life interesting, challenging and different at a certain age. Great work…

Nominated post:

Equal Times from December 2009

The post comes from the times Bud’s blog hadn’t been discovered by WordPress Freshly Pressed. Bud was already writing posts almost every day. He still does. This one here is special as it combines his life experiences with other very relevant topics: tolerance, integration and love. On both sides of the Atlantic some more of all of this could make things better. Bud describes tolerance on a very personal level. Between his wife and himself. With two religions…

“So, while Hanukkah is probably the best known Jewish holiday because of its proximity to Christmas, it is actually a minor holiday on the Jewish religious calendar. Think about it: on one hand we have a one day supply of oil burning for eight days … on the other, the birth of the man Christians believe to be the Savior. Christmas brings Nativity scenes, lights on houses and presents under the tree, while Hanukkah brings lighting candles on the menorah and playing dreidel. Christmas brings elaborate dinners and family gatherings, while at Hanukkah, it’s traditional to eat latkes and doughnuts.”

Artwork: Screenshots of Older Eyes


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