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10 thoughts on “

  1. Hey – thanks for your message! I would love to take part in your “Whats up for 2012?”. Just let me know what I need to do and I am in there with bells on!


  2. For those of you who got invited to Google + or got there for other reasons: We now have added a sharing button to all of our posts and pages.

    Use it if you like. It’s in the Action-Section below the text…

  3. Again, two new members of the diablog recently… You know who you are. Thanks for joining. Enjoy the extra content…

    Not a member yet? Add your name on the left…

  4. To celebrate our 100th post this week, we thought it’s time to add a “search the diablog“-button to our sidebar.

    It’s from now on located just beneath the “recommended topics”-cloud. So please scroll down a bit. and then feel free to check out some keywords or terms and see if we have already published a post about it (if your term did not match a post, then tell us with a comment to write about it). It’s random fun…

  5. Oh! It’ll happen. Just give me an address!

    This is an awesome idea. I’m particularly fascinated because of the dichotomy in art, particularly literature from coast to coast.


  6. Today we wrote this on : “Hello Christina. First of all: Great idea and project. You send postcards, we have a diablog – which is by the way something similar – and really would like to get a postcard from you. We will then publish it. You could send it to us via e-mail, so it costs you nothing but a piece of your creativity. Thanks in advance.” –

    Two hours later she replied: “I would love to send y’all a postcard. But I do really love sending them by mail–there’s something about a hard copy that goes beyond the screen. It’s only a 24 cent stamp and I would be happy to do it. Please send your address to: All the best, CQ” –

    Let’s see what happens…


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