Draw a line between those two dots… and see what it means for you

It’s not a trick or a psychologically approved theory, but you might be surprised if or how it works. So just follow the instructions, please

As you might have expected there are three main ways to draw the line.

So how you’re feeling at the moment? Are you the sad or pessimistic one (c)? Or neutral (a)? Or are jumping because you’re feeling good (well, it’s b)?

About the people from Germany some might say – even themselves sometimes, by the way – that they are always complaining about everything (?). While the people of the USA are always feeling good? We recently heard someone saying that the Americans are the teenagers of the world’s population. Then the Germans might be the public officials…

What do you say about that? And much more interesting: How did you connect the two dots? Maybe you like to tell us. Maybe you tell us where you come from. Just to check the theory above…


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