“Was ist los?” – Kirsten Dunst and Conan O’Brien about Germany

She’s the second actress/actor recently speaking about visiting Germany in a US Late Night TV Show. She even has a German passport. It’s Kirsten Dunst. Well-known for movies like Magnolia and Spider-Man.

She was a guest of Conan O’Briens tbs show and spoke about being on a road trip through Germany with her dad. What she saw there – and we’re not suprised by the way – later in this article.

First some information on her German vocabulary. We don’t use it that much over here, but “Scheißkopf” is a nice one. Of course, it’s a swearword and it (roughly translated) means  “shithead”. She then said “grosses Arschloch” which means… Well you might know. Or you can google it at least.

Kirsten Dunst also revealed that she visited Miniatur Wunderland (German for “miniature wonderland”in Hamburg. It’s the world’s largest model railroad layout. And what she saw there was: Some people (little plastic people, of course) making some whoopee in the bushes. Funny…

(Video by Miniatur Wunderland)

Some other highlights of Kirsten Dunst’s talk with Conan O’Brien:
Funny Disney revelations
German Castles
and Conan fakes German

The full video below. It’s fun to watch and another transatlantic impression.

(Video: tbs)

Your funny stories from visiting Germany below, please…


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