“MURAL” RECAP: The Montreal Public Art Festival in 10 Tweets

“MURAL”, the public art festival on Saint-Laurent Boulevard in Montreal, Canada, had its recent run from June 4 to 14, 2015. Again with a wide range of artists showcasing their work.

We have ten tweets for you that recap this year’s festival.

A look at Saint-Laurent Boulevard.

Special guests Bono and Larry Mullen of the band U2, who plays a few shows in town.

A mural by artist nychos.

Mural by Axel Void.

Freelance sports broadcaster Eilidh Barbour tweets about the colorful festival.

A virtual 360° photo tour by Photojpl Photography.

The festival’s VIP Pass.

Street art in its pure form “real” as street art.


A look back: mural by @pixelpancho for the 2013 festival.

Brent Toderian says: “So much of the city is a blank canvas.”

More about that:
The festival’s website
Saint-Laurent Boulevard, Montreal on Google Maps


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