IKEA Catalogue judged by the Covers: Swiss vs. Canada (inclds. Animation)

Every year people can’t wait to get it delivered via mail. The new Catalogue by the Swedish international home products company IKEA. But how many of them actually get two versions from both sides of the Atlantic? Well not that many, presumably. So here we are presenting both covers of the 2013 catalogue. One from Canada. The other one from Swiss.

After a quick look you might not discover the differences. But after some further investigation there are some.

More, including an animation for easy comparison, after the jump/below.

First thing: Although both covers show the same chair and interior, they are made of two different photographs. Have a look at the various pillows, of course, but also at the way the blue and white blanket on the chair-back.

Second: The words are different. While the Canadian prices in the catalogue are valid until July 2013, the Swiss prices are until August 2013. The slogan on the lower right side is the same. Just translated. Notice the same word in both languages at the beginning: “Bring”.

Below is our animation for further comparison. Click on it to make it work…

(Both covers by IKEA. Click for a larger and animated version)

Found more things? Tell us in a comment below…

Additional reading:
The full Canada IKEA Catalogue
The full IKEA Catalogue from Swiss




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