ART OF CLAY AND COLOR: Cologne exhibition of Gabriele Sädler and Judith Heinsohn

It’s a spontaneous outburst,” artist Gabriele Sädler tells the transatlantic diablog. Inspired by color her paintings are the results of a process. “I don’t have the final painting in my head before I start,” she reveals.

Städler and Judith Heinsohn both live in Amsterdam, work there and share exhibitions. While Städler only presents paintings on paper, Heinsohn also shows her recent works of sculptures and drawings. Both made of clay.

Dried out, transformed to powder and then combines with water, Heinsohn draws a special paint from African clay.

I almost only draw and create sculptures from real models,” says Judith Heinsohn. Her sculptures are also treated specially. With an old Japanese way of burning them, the surface – or skin, as the says – always shows marks of the process – in color and structure.

More about that:
Judith Heinsohn’s official website
Gabriele Sädler’s official website


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